During the coronavirus pandemic the health and wellbeing or our workforce, clients and visitors is our number one priority and we will only undertake operations we know can be carried out safely. As such we have put in place the following measures to ensure safety of everyone involved.

Hygiene methods & PPE

  • Increased frequency of office cleaning.
  • All touchpoints are disinfected on regular basis throughout each day and after each client’s visit to the office.
  • Hand washing facilities with soap and water are available for our employees and hand sanitising gel for visitors.
  • Employees are reminded to wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap and the importance of proper drying with disposable towels.
  • Employees are reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – follow Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands.
  • Face coverings is to be worn when conducting valuations, viewings, property visits and all other business conducted outside the office.
  • Gloves are to be worn when conducting valuations, viewings, property visits and all other business conducted outside the office.
  • All employees have been trained on the safe use of PPE to ensure protection against Covid-19

 Office environment

  • All staff members are required to work from one office only and moves between offices are not allowed.
  • Locked door policy with visitors allowed in on appointment basis only.
  • Visitors book to be completed for each visitor to the office to assist with Track and Trace requirements.
  • Strict social distancing measures are in place reducing the number of persons in any work area to comply with the 2-metre (6.5 foot) gap recommended by the Public Health Agency.
  • Reduced number of staff on site and home working to ensure social distancing is observed at the offices.
  • Visible signage relating to Covid-19 protocols.
  • All staff members required to wear face coverings and gloves when conducting business away from the office and when meeting with clients in the office.
  • Waste bins for disposal of used face masks and gloves in the office.
  • Staff are encouraged to report any problems and health issues as soon as possible.
  • Rigorous checks will be carried out by line managers to ensure that the necessary procedures are being followed.

3. Viewings, valuations and property visits

  •  Agents, surveyors, inventory clerks and contractors will be permitted to visit a property for a market appraisal, photography, inspections or maintenance work purposes providing strict guidelines are adhered to.
  • All prospective buyers and tenants will be encouraged to virtually view properties.
  • Before going ahead with any physical viewings or office visits, we will ask whether any member of the applicant’s or current resident’s household has symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating.
  • No block viewings will be carried out.
  • Minimum 15 minutes will be left between any viewings.
  • Maximum 2 applicants will be allowed to view a property during an appointment.
  • Physical viewings should be carried out only when the applicants show serious interest in the property.
  • In the event that the property is occupied, the current residents will be asked to vacate the property for the duration of the viewing.
  • Before entering a property, internal doors and surfaces will be disinfected using cleansing surface wipes.
  • Immediately after leaving the property all parties attending the viewing should wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect with hand sanitiser.


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