Our COVID-19 Policy

29 May 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic the health and wellbeing or our workforce, clients and visitors is our number one priority and we will only undertake operations we know can be carried out safely. As such we have put in place the following measures to ensure safety of everyone involved.


  1. Hygiene methods & PPE


  • Increased frequency of office cleaning.
  • All touchpoints are disinfected on regular basis throughout each day and after each client’s visit to the office.
  • Hand washing facilities with soap and water are available for our employees and hand sanitising gel for visitors.
  • Employees are reminded to wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap and the importance of proper drying with disposable towels.
  • Employees are reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – follow Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues will be made available throughout the workplace.
  • Face coverings is to be worn when conducting valuations, viewings, property visits and all other business conducted outside the office.
  • Gloves are to be worn when conducting valuations, viewings, property visits and all other business conducted outside the office.
  • All employees have been trained on the safe use of PPE to ensure protection against Covid-19


  1. Office environment


  • Strict social distancing measures are in place reducing the number of persons in any work area to comply with the 2-metre (6.5 foot) gap recommended by the Public Health Agency.
  • Prevention of congestion in our offices by allowing visitors in on appointment basis only.
  • Reduced number of staff on site and home working to ensure social distancing is observed at the offices.
  • Visible signage relating to Covid-19 protocols.
  • All staff members required to wear face coverings and gloves when conducting business away from the office.
  • Waste bins for disposal of used face masks and gloves in the office.
  • Staff are encouraged to report any problems and health issues as soon as possible.
  • Rigorous checks will be carried out by line managers to ensure that the necessary procedures are being followed.


  1. Viewings, valuations and property visits


  • Agents, surveyors, inventory clerks and contractors will be permitted to visit a property for a market appraisal, photography, inspections or maintenance work purposes providing strict guidelines are adhered to.
  • All prospective buyers and tenants will be encouraged to virtually view properties.
  • Before going ahead with any physical viewings or office visits, we will ask whether any member of the applicant’s or current resident’s household has symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating.
  • No block viewings will be carried out.
  • Viewings will only be carried out on vacant properties and in the event that the property is occupied, the current residents will be asked to vacate the property for the duration of the viewing.
  • Before entering a property, internal doors and surfaces will be disinfected using cleansing surface wipes.
  • Immediately after leaving the property all parties viewing the property should wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect with hand sanitiser.


  1. Covid-19 protocol for office-based employees


  • If you believe that you have Covid-19 symptoms, please inform your manager immediately and follow the Government self-isolating rules.
  • Make sure the 2-metre social distancing rule is adhered to at all times.
  • Do not shake hands or hug anyone at any time.
  • Do not collect applicants/clients in your car to take to appointments.
  • Clean your work station at regular intervals, as well as the start and end of the work day.
  • If you cough or sneeze please cover your mouth with a tissue and dispose of the tissue in the bin provided.
  • Please only use the telephone on your workstation.
  • Only use your own pens, stapler, hole punch, clean them and place them in your drawer at the end of the day.
  • Always wash your hands before touching anything in the common area (kitchen, toilet) and always wash your hands after using the toilet.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water and dry with paper towels.
  • Wipe down kettle, microwave, toaster after use.
  • Wipe down the printer, franking machine, pdq machine after use.
  • Wipe down door handles after use e.g. main door, toilet, basement office, server room.
  • Wipe down filing cabinet handles after use.
  • If you leave the office to conduct any appointments please wear gloves, a face mask and keep anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser with you.
  • When a client enters the office ask them to respect the social distancing rules, use the anti-bacterial hand sanitiser.
  • When the client leaves the office please put on gloves and wipe down any surfaces that have been touched.
  • If a client wished to give you a debit/credit card to make a payment, please wear gloves when handling the card or wash hands straight after handling the card.
  • At the end of the working day please empty your bin whilst wearing gloves. Tie up the rubbish bag and dispose in the external bins.
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Important message to our Customers! We are now open again for Business!

The Government has relaxed the lockdown in our industry and now is the time to get ahead in the market and beat the post lockdown rush. I am sure, just like us, you are eager to get viewing or sell your home so please call us or contact us via our enquiry form and let us get things moving for you. The health of our customers, colleagues and communities is of the utmost important to us and we wish to reassure you that we are doing all we can to keep our customers moving and are adhering to the strict social distancing and health and safety measures as guided by the Government.

Please click here to see our Covid-19 policies.