The magic of Christmas is but days away! We are panicking about the presents we’ve yet to find, worrying about whether we have enough food for all the guests, and puzzling over how we will have time to fit everything in. But like every year, when the lights are sparkling on the tree and you have a glass of festive cheer in your hand, none of it will matter, as you spend it with those close to you.

It often feels like time stands still over Christmas, yet many of us are still looking to move home. Although taking your property off the market in December may seem like the right thing to do, is it really the best move?

We can think of 3 million reasons why you need your property listed for sale if you’re planning to move home early next year. What does your Boxing Day consist of? Are you one of the brave souls who hits the sales with purpose? Or maybe you’re having a party, or simply making the most of the day off and relaxing. Whilst you may be enjoying yourself, there are millions of others who, armed with a laptop, tablet or mobile, are searching online for a new home.

Yes, in the crazy world we live in, millions of people start searching for property from Boxing Day onwards, and when work eventually starts again, it still doesn’t calm down. Figures released by Rightmove earlier this year show that nearly 3 million people visited their website on the first working day in January. Those of our clients who had their properties listed with us benefitted from record-breaking Rightmove traffic levels – over 110 million visitors in January 2016 alone.

If you’re considering moving at the beginning of 2017, then there is still time to list your property and take advantage of the seasonal surge in online property searches. That being said, there is no need to rush unless you have a time dependent reason to do so. Moving home is a huge decision and should never be taken lightly; you need to be sure that you want to move, and also that the timing is right for you and your family.

Nothing says Christmas quite like festive decorations. It’s very easy to get into the Christmas spirit when we see the window displays on Oxford Street, not to mention your own designer masterpieces. Decorations have an incredible ability to enhance the overall attractiveness of a property. Their sparkle and the feelings they evoke can captivate potential buyers. When conducting viewings we often find potential buyers pondering where they would personally choose to place the Christmas tree. Christmas is the perfect time to add a sensory experience to a viewing with seasonal scents. You may even wish to leave out a little treat for the viewers!

Just one small word of warning if your home is on the market this Christmas, remember that buyers are coming to see your property, and not your bauble collection. If you have a viewing planned, take an objective look at your home, are your decorations hiding some of its key features? Can a potential buyer access every room in your home? Although the weather may not entice you to spend an evening on your balcony, it is still a key selling point. Ensure that buyers can access it easily during a viewing, and that you add external lighting so that they can clearly see the space. Make sure that you and any guests make alternative arrangements when there is a viewing; this way buyers can walk around freely with one of our negotiators, without feeling intimidated, or worried that you’re watching their every expression.

There is no doubt that selling your home while you’re trying to celebrate Christmas and New Year can put added pressure on the whole family. Think carefully about when you would like to accept viewings, perhaps even put them on hold until your guests have left and normality has returned.

For advice on selling your home at Christmas, or any other time of the year, contact our sales team.

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