Want to move home before Christmas? You’ve still got time but you need to get your home valued now!

IT’S nearly that time of year again. Wrapping paper, cards and even mince pies are beginning to appear in the shops. That’s right, Christmas is just under twelve weeks away.

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Even more reason to move home before Christmas? You’ve still got time but you need to start NOW

For some would-be movers December 25 represents a significant deadline and people love deadlines, as spending the festive season in a new home is a driving factor for many people who are moving at this time of year, with a typical sight increase in numbers of properties sold. In fact, stats from HMRC that report on residential transactions in value of over £40,000 show that in December 2016, a total of 109,510 people purchased residential properties in December, up from 102,390 properties sold in November 2016.

So, if you’re thinking about putting up the tree in your next home, what can you do to get moving now so that you’re eating your turkey in your new abode? And actually, is it even possible? Answer is, if you’re prepared to focus on paperwork, be sensible about your pricing and get organised, yes it is, but as with every property transaction, it will depend on the market demand in your area, as some parts of the UK are seeing higher demand than others.

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If you’re selling, it’s best to get your legal documents in order as soon as you put your property on the market. It can take up to a month for your solicitor to finalise your Sales Pack, the crucial set of documents that will be sent to your buyer’s solicitor so that they can start the purchase process. So rather than wait to start prepping your legals after you get an offer which will create a four-week delay (if not longer) it will help to speed things up if you instruct a solicitor to start on this important job at the same time that you instruct your estate agent.

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