We know that the New Year is the perfect time to start anew. Whether it’s hitting the gym or looking for a new job, everyone has their agenda on the 1st of January. Yours is to find a new place to live and to do that you need to know the valuation of your current property. Have you tried our instant valuation tool? If you haven’t, you should give a go now.

Visit the website valuation.franklynjames.co.uk or call us on 020 7005 6080 or 020 7791 1777 to find out more.

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How It Works

Arranging a free, no-obligation market appraisal with Franklyn James couldn’t be easier. Just phone or email us using the details below. Or, fill in a form and request an appointment with an experienced valuer at a time which works for you.

Alternatively, call into one of our high street offices where a member of staff will be happy to take all the necessary information. Our valuer will provide you with an up-to-date market valuation for sales, lettings, or both. With our instant valuation tool, we can advise you of current market trends and provide you with detailed info on property marketing. You can be confident that you will receive an honest and frank appraisal. We see no benefit in grossly inflating an asking price or setting unrealistic expectations. Our instant valuation tool takes just 60 seconds!

Free Valuation Canary Wharf

From a new year new start scenario, it’s obvious why a valuation is essential – you need to price it competitively. As experienced estate agents, we often see common mistakes such as overvaluing of homes. To organise a quick and profitable sale, the amount needs to perfect to attract interested parties and investors.

But, what about the property owners who have no intention of moving any time soon? Well, using Franklyn James’ instant valuation tool will help you keep track of the industry. The last thing you want is to find out that your home has peaked and isn’t going to command any more money. By valuing it now, you may decide it’s time to cash in and use the cash to invest in a better home.

Here at Franklyn James, we believe knowledge is power which is why we put a lot of emphasis on this resource.


Why You Should Choose Franklyn James

With thousands of professionals to choose from, why are we equipped to help you start your New Year new start project?

The clue is in the title – we believe in being frank. That means straight-talking, honesty, and transparency. Customers who use a Franklyn James service get to benefit from:

Clear – Moving house is complicated enough, so we want to stick to plain English.

Accurate – Property values constantly move up and down, so we ensure that our valuations reflect the current state of the market.

Timely – We ask for feedback and we let you know about it promptly. It’s called feedback for a reason.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now, visit the website, or stop by one of our branches.


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