Key changes and announcements in the mortgage market


House sale jump in early 2024 – House sales agreed – a key measure of market confidence and activity – are up across all regions and countries of the UK in the first three weeks of 2024.

New sales agreed are up 13 per cent on 2023 as the housing market gets off to a strong start in 2024.

Rents continue to climb – Average rents both outside and including London rose to anew high in Q4 last year, data from a property portal firm showed – Rental Trends Tracker found that average advertised rents rose to a record £1,280 per month outside of London.

Despite this peak, the quarterly growth was recorded at just 0.2 per cent,which was the slowest pace of growth since 2019.

Rate reductions slow – whilst a number of lenders have continued to reduce rates,one large lender increased rates last week.

This shows that rate changes may fluctuate at this level in the coming weeks

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